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Terms of Exhibition
The following terms shall apply to China International Sewing Machinery & Accessories Show2017 (CISMA2017).Exhibitors refer to the enterprises that have booths in CISMA2017.Once the exhibitor application is received, it is deemed that the applicants agree to the followingterms and supplementary terms. The terms shall take effect once the organizer receives boothapplication form.
1. Qualification of exhibitors
1.1 The exhibitors of CISMA2017 should beindependent legal entities.
1.2 The products and brand of exhibitorsshould conform to Application Form.
1.3 Exhibits that may infringe brand orproperty rights are not allowed.
1.4 Exhibits beyond the scope of theCISMA2017 are not allowed.
2. Booth assignment and compensation forbreach
2.1 The exhibitors will be assigned todifferent halls according to their exhibits.
2.2 The booth assignment is on a “first apply,first served” basis.
2.3 Exhibitors’ application of booth locationwill be taken into consideration, but the
organizer has the final say on the booth assignment. The deadline is March 31, 2017.
Please send the application early.
2.4 No transfer, subletting, sale or exchangeof booth or space is permitted.
2.5 The exhibitors should inform theorganizer in written form if they want to
cancel the contract. In such circumstances,the cancellation fees listed below will apply.Day of cancellation  Cancellation fee To June 26, 2017  50% of rental fee
To July 26, 2017  80% o of rental fee To August 26, 2017  100% of rental fee
3. Booth design and decoration
3.1 For security reasons, No second-storeystructure is allowed. The organizer will order exhibitors to make modification to design plan if it is regarded unqualified to the construct requirement.
3.2 All contractors have to be real-nameauthentication by SNIEC and have to abide
the rules of SNIEC.
3.3 All exhibitors have to sign safety reliability agreement with contractors.
4. Exhibits placement
The exhibits shall only be displayed withinthe rented booth and
not allowed to occupy any aisle. All exhibits should be placed in the booth at least 50cm.
5. Person entry
Organizer reserves the right to restrict the entry of any exhibitors or its relevant staffs
according to the show terms. Children under 14 years of age are notallowed to enter the hall.
6. Insurance
The  organizer  shall  take  all  security precaution in the interest of the exhibitors
and visitors. The organizer shall not be held responsible for any loss or damage to exhibits and their own belongings.
7. Fire prevention
7.1 Necessary fire prevention measures should be executed for exhibits. All the design should conform to the regulations of Shanghai Fire Department.
7.2 The carpet used must be superior to B1.
7.3 Air compress machine are not allowed to enter the hall.
8. Cancellation
If the following conditions happen, the organizer has the right to cancel the booth
and forbid the enterprises participating the show. The rental fee shall not be refunded and compensation should be made.
8.1 Failed to pay the entire rental fee within due day.
8.2 Transfer or subletting booth without notifying the organizer
8.3 Other behaviors that severely breach the articles of this agreement.
9. Force majeure
If the exhibition is cancelled or postponed due to force majeure, the organizer shall not be liable for any loss sustained by the exhibitor. The organizer will refund part or
the entire paid fee to the exhibitors.
10. Supplementary articles
Whenever, the organizer shall have the right to  issue  supplementary  articles.  Any
supplementary articles are equally effective to the articles of this agreement.
11. The organizer has the right to interpret these terms.


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