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Booth Apply !

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Registration of CISMA 2017 has already been started on 8th, Oct,2016. You can download the electronic version of the Manual on our official website www.cisma.com.cn. 


1, The Application Form is on page 22.
2, Please contact with the organizer to confirm if the fax has been sent successfully.
3, Information and online sign-up for CISMA 2017 will be updated on Wechat and official website, please keep an eye on www.cisma.com.cn for details.
4, Online Application and Paper Application both are requested by organizer. 
5. The price and preferential measures are on page 7.

Application Process

1.Submission of Application
Please fax us: Paper application; the copy of Business License & Trade Mark Registration Certificate; Fax: +86-10-65135820;  Tel:+86-10-65211282
Or please send the scan copy of each document on E-mail: cisma@cisma.com.cn. Attention: Application Form is made valid by means of the official seal and signature of the person in charge. 

2, Online Application 

Please log in official website www.cisma.com.cn, and click “Booth Apply ”to fill in the company information to complete the booth application. (Exhibitors of previous years can use the old user name and password to change the information; if you’ve forgotten or not sure about your old user name and password, please contact us on E-mail: cisma@cisma.com.cn. Attention: Please submit the Paper Application Form after you finished online application.

3, Application Auditing 

After submitting the application, exhibitors need to re-log in to check if it’s approved after the organizer auditing the exhibitor’s information. If exhibitor can log in successfully with their user name, that means it’s approved. Then please pay the application fee in 10 working days. Application is valid only upon receipt of application fee. If your application is not approved in one week, please contact with the organizer on E-mail: cisma@cisma.com.cn.

Plus, the application of booth area should be based on the company’s state of development and actual demand.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. 


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