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CISMA2017 is coming

Time:2016-11-08 Browse Volume:2538
    Themed by “ Smart Sewing Technology & Solutions”, CISMA2017 which will be held from Sept 26 to 29, 2017 ,at Shanghai New International Expo Center. It will maintain the scale of 10 halls (W1-W5, E1-E5), with the exhibition area over 110,000 square meters.  
   How will CISMA2017 present the layout of sewing machinery industry and the new developing characteristics & new technology trend in the critical transition period?
    Firstly, across the board, the luggage, clothing and shoes industries are transferring to the South-East Asian Countries one after another. However, China, with a strong marketability, still maintains being the center of manufacture, exhibition and sales of the world sewing machinery products; Meanwhile, in the development of two decades, CISMA has already been the largest professional exhibition in the world, presenting the whole production chains, serving to the garment, shoes and luggage industry, expanding itself to household, health care and aerospace industries; Moreover, the current industry development has presented a professional, personalized, accurate product segmentation and service upgrades, which makes the connotation of sewing machinery products more abundant. Therefore, with strong market demand, large groups of customers, intelligent products, CISMA2017 will meet you again with a grand new pattern.  
    The layout of exhibition hall of CISMA2017 is based on the products categories, sticking to the principle of balancing brands. But the organizer will make a certain adjustment based on the actual development status of the industry. On the one hand, from the perspective of the whole industry chain, achieving the balance matching between pre -sewing, sewing and after-sewing these three different stages of products to value and strengthen the whole production processes also to further improve the productivity of the whole industry chain; On the other hand, offering different services to different customers; showing different types and models of machine in each category; providing a platform of one-stop business experience for the customers.
    We will present a huge industry pattern in CISMA2017. We will be waiting for you to present yourself! If you need more information, you could log in www.cisma.com.cn, or call 86-10-65211282, or send e-mail to myh@cisma.com.cn, we will reply to you as soon as possible.

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