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CISMA2017 a brand new beginning!

Time:2016-11-30 Browse Volume:2363

After the National Day, the invitation for CISMA 2017 has already been started. As the organizer of this show, China Sewing Machinery Association has already sent the Exhibition Manual to the previous exhibitors by express, at the same time exhibitors can contact with organizer to get the URL link by official QQ and download the electronic version of Exhibition Manual from Official Website, so that they can get the first-hand information of the show in the most efficient and convenient way. 

By Nov 8, it’s been exactly a month since the Exhibition Registration has been started. All off the sudden, all the telephones, faxes, QQ, including e-mails at the exhibition department has burst into busy. To get an ideal booth, the very moment the exhibitors got the information of the show, they have filled out the application form immediately then sent it back to organizer and then submitted the other requested documents in the shortest time. Except the consideration of exhibitors’ application of booth area, exhibitors’ sign-up dates are also very important for the bootharrangement, which is why exhibitors tried to register as soon as they could. At the same time, those exhibitors who registered first have sent us a new signal.

So far, exhibition department has received 348 copies of application forms, compared to the same period of CISMA 2015, it’s been increased by 20%, about one third of the total number of the last show. Unlike previous years, this time large and medium sized enterprises have signed up first, which is why the area of booth application has also been increased comparing to the last show. Among the signed-up exhibitors, 60% of them are in E Hall while 40% are in W Hall, which means the exhibitors’ applications of Pre & After sewing part are much more active than ever. In the matter of exhibition hall, exhibitors tend to more rational. On the one hand the principle of brand balance based on the exhibition partition has been accepted. On the other hand, according to the new layout of Shanghai New International Exhibition Center, the north and east entrance’s utilization has been increased, which changed peoples’ old concept that south entrance is the main entrance, so the applications of the exhibition hall tend to a balanced distribution.

In conclusion, CISMA 2017 will be a brand-gathered exhibition. It will be more mature, rational and much more colorful.

This will be a brand new beginning. Looking forward to your arrival! 

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