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Here Comes the Attendance Guide for CISMA2021 Exhibitors

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CISMA2021 is going to take place on April 27 to 30, 2022 at Ningbo. Currently, almost all of the booths are confirmed. More than 400 key exhibitors are intensively making all the necessary preparations for attendance. The organizer has combed through the workflow and prepared a guide for exhibitors as below:

01. Information about the show

China Int'l Sewing Machinery & Accessories Show 2021 (CISMA2021)

Date: April 27 to 30, 2022

Venue: Ningbo Int'l Conference and Exhibition Center (Hall 1 to 8)

02. Plan of the exhibition center

03. Preparations before attendance

Please read the exhibitor's manual for all the necessary information, and submit your booth design for review and hand in your applications for facilities like water, electricity and compressed air prior to April 1. All the exhibitors shall apply for badges in real name beforehand.

All the exhibitors are expected to fill out and upload the attendees list in Excel format or send to the organizer through QQ 800111540 before April 1. The attendees list requires such information as company's name, attendees' name, ID no., title. Each standard booth can apply for three badges; in case of raw space, two badges for every 9sqm. Click the following link for Exhibitor's manual and Attendees list.


04. Key milestones and locations

A warm note to exhibitors

Exhibitors registration date and time


Date and time


Raw space

April 24 to 26

(8:30 to 16:30)

All the exhibitors shall register at the east wing of Hall 1 with the original exhibitor registration notice

Standard booth

April 25 to 26

(8:30 to 16:30)

Open time during the show





April 27 to 30

8:30 to 17:00


April 27 to 29

April 30

9:00 to 16:30

9:00 to 13:00

A warm note to constructors

Contractor Check-in




April 22-26


East wing of Hall 1 the organizer's office

The contractor shall take with them their orders for Pico, and booth construction permits, for Pico's on-site review, and for the preparation of construction commencement permit.

Move-in and Move-out


Booth Type




Raw Space

April 24


April 25


April 26

8:30- 19:00

Standard Booth

April 25


April 26



April 30


Overtime Charge

In case of overtime work, please process the related formalities at Pico on-field office at the east wing of Hall 1 before 1p.m. that day

8:00-22:00 (at least 1h)

80RMB/36 m2/h (3RMB/ m2/h for extra areas)

22:00-24:00 (at least 1h)

160RMB /36 m2/h (6RMB/ m2/h for extra areas)

On move-out day

Same price as above, no double charges after 22:00, double charges after 8:00 next day

Note: During move-in period, no overtime work after 24:00 each day.

05. Entrance procedures

During construction (April 24 t o 26): All the exhibitors shall enter through the south entrance.

During the show (April 27 to 30): all of south, north and west entrance are accessible with badges. All the attendees shall wear masks throughout the show.

Scan the designated QR code with WeChat or Alipay or search "travel code" in such apps, anyone whose travel code bears an asterisk shall not enter. Only with negative nucleus acid test result in 48 hours can those having travelled beyond Ningbo as shown in the travel code enter the exhibition center.

Scan the QR code as below with WeChat or search Ningbo health code in Alipay, only people with green code can enter the exhibition center.

*Exhibitors are required to swipe their ID card before entering the exhibition center.

*All the attendees shall wear badges in their real name, which cannot be borrowed. If related regulators fail to trace the origins of a cluster because someone lend his/her badge to others, he/she shall solely bear ensuing legal responsibilities.

*Nucleus acid test services will be provided during the show (details will be announced on site).

06. Exhibition areas

07 Traffic

By taxi: A 20-30 minutes drive from the railway station, bus station or airport.

By private car: Take the Shanghai-Hangzhou-Ningbo highway and Ningbo-Taizhou-Wenzhou highway, turn off the highway at Ningbo east exit, then drive northwards taking the century avenue.

(1) Turn right at Min'an road, then turn left to Jiangcheng north road at the first

(2) Turn right at Tongtu road, there the north gate is.

By bus:

To the north gate: Line 529 or 789

To the east gate: Line 36, 512 or 517

To the south gate: Line 17, 21, 168, 356, 517, 521 or 810

By subway:

Line 5, get off at exhibition center station.

08. Other tips

According to local regulations by Ningbo government, truck is prohibited in downtown during morning rush hour from 7:00 to 9:00 and evening rush hour 16:30 to 18:30; the exhibition center is equipment with dining hall, and no takeaway from outside shall be brought; no trestle ladder or light-duty hydraulic vehicle is allowed in the exhibition center.

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