Prompt information

Registration for CISMA2021 will begin in October. Please pay attention to WeChat CISMAshow for the latest information.

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1. Those who have access to WeChat and own mainland phone number can follow our WeChat account scanning the QR code below, then click "visitor" at the lower middle part, and next "visitor registration". 

2. Those who don't have mainland phone numbers can visit the following links for online registration.

Note: All the attendees shall register with real names. Those with mainland ID card shall provide ID number, then enter the exhibition hall by swiping your ID card.

Those without such card shall provide passport number or permits for travelling to and from Hong Kong and Macau, then process relevant formalities with the said passport or permit at the counter, and enter the exhibition hall through dedicated passages with specific papers.


Mon - Fri 8:30-17:00

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