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China Sewing Machinery Association (formerly known as the China Sewing Machine Association) was founded in 1984, it is by the China Sewing machinery industry production, sales, research, teaching, and service enterprises, institutions and local industry community fabric composed of voluntary social organizations, government under the guidance of the industry organization, assume responsibility for the coordination and management of the whole industry.

China Sewing Machinery Association to maintain the overall interests of the industry, safeguarding legitimate rights and interests of members as its mission, to promote the healthy, sustainable development as the goal, to adhere to for enterprise, industry and government service for the purpose, comply with the industrial policies of the state, to carry out the industry research, industry development plan, promote the industry structural adjustment and revision of the product quality standard, the organization of industry science and technology exchange, collect information of industry economy, cultivate industry professional market, to help enterprises to open up the market, standardized enterprise competitive behavior, establishing early warning mechanism of industry, member reflect the synthetic management requirements.

China Sewing Machinery Association, the existing member 343, all over the country. The supreme power of the association is a member of the general assembly, the Council of the General Assembly session Leadership Association work. Association under the market working committee, the scientific and technical committee, as well as domestic Specialized Committee, Specialized Committee,, business committee. Under the unified organization and coordination of the association, according to the professional division of labor to carry out work. Standing body of the association secretary office in Beijing, responsible for the day-to-day work of the association, within the Secretariat to set up the office, business department, information department, assets, such as the Department Department.


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