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CISMA2013 Profile

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CISMA2013, organized by China Sewing Machinery Association, was held in Shanghai New International EXPO Center during Sept. 25 to 28, 2013. Cutting-edge technology and innovative products gathered at CISMA2013 which promoted the integration of industry chain. It presented a feast of science and technology of sewing machinery industry and the progress of china sewing machinery industry from the aspects of quality and technology. Bu Zhengfa-Chairman of China National Light Industry Council(CNIIC), Tao Xiaonian-Vice Chairman of CNIIC and Gao Yanmin-Deputy Director from Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People’s Republic of China attended the opening ceremony and visited the show. 
    1218 enterprises from Mainland China, Japan, Germany, USA, India, Britain, Italy, Turkey, South Korea, France, China Taiwan and Hongkong SAR, totally 21 countries and regions participated the show. The total show area was 107,000 square meters. Famous enterprises including SGSB, Typical, Zoje, Jack, Feiyue, Gemsy, Hikari, Maqi, Highlead, Precious, Yuki, Protex, Dahao, Sheen, Duerkopp-Adler, Pfaff, Juki, Brother, Pegasus, Yamato, Sunstar, Golden Wheel, Gaolin, Groz-Beckert Tajima and Ching-Chi presented their latest products. With the adjustment and change of downstream industry, pre-sewing and after-sewing equipment developed quickly with increased exhibitors and show area. Famous exhibited brands included Gerber, Lectra, Oshima, Feiyue Twinstar and Ying. German Pavilion, South Korea Pavilion, Taiwan Pavilion, Hong Kong Pavilion, Guangdong Pavilion, Jiangsu Pavilion, Changli Pavilion, Dongyang Pavilion, Dongyang Pavilion, Jiaojiang Pavilion attracted much attention as well.
    In four days, 50487 visitors, including 34199 new visitors and 3083 foreign visitors came to the show, covering industries from garment, textile, automobile decoration, furniture, shoes, camping, etc.
    The theme “Quality · Productivity · Intellectuality” reveals the target of industry development and meets the demand of downstream garment industry. High-tech products characterized of integration, intellectuality and automation were displayed in the show. The proportion of high-tech products increased greatly. 
    At the same time, CSMA held lots of activities to promote international communication, technology development, vocational training and culture. Three Regions Liaison Conference, CISMA Reception, Innovation Award, “Typical Cup” National Sewing Machinery Industry Professional Skill Contest, “Butterfly Cup” Quilt Contest, Forum ”Application of information technology in sewing machinery industry”, China-Sri Lanka Garment Association signing ceremony, “Maqi Cup” Photography Competition as well as products launch conference and technique forum, all these activities enriched the contents of the show and attracted lots of attentions from enterprises and customers. 
    Aside from the website of CSMA, CISMA, CISMAONLINE and Weibo of CSMA and CISMA, the organizer cooperated with more than 20 media from home and abroad. Press group was organized at the show. Visitors’ preregistration system as well as App platform was used. By SMS, MMS and Mobile Newspaper, visitors can get information about CISMA anytime anywhere. 
    In Sept. 28, CISMA2013 ended with success. As the weather vane of sewing machinery industry, CISMA represented not only the achievement of the sewing machinery industry during the past 12th Five-Year, but also the outcomes of CSMA’s effort of promoting transforming and upgrading of sewing machinery industry. With the effort of the whole industry, a brighter future awaits us. 

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