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CISMA2019 focuses on”intelligent manufacturing”again

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CISMA2019 will be held from Sept.25-28, 2019,at Shanghai New Int’l Expo Center.
The theme of CISMA2017 is “smart Sewing Technology and Solutions”.While CISMA2019 focuses on”intelligent manufacturing”again,and its theme is” Smart Sewing Factory --- Technologies and Solutions”. 
Sewing machinery industry is a typical equipment manufacturing industry and technological innovation is the original driving force for the development of the industry.Nowadays, a new round of scientific and technological innovations is leading the market trend in world wide. The continuous collision and integration of sound, light, electricity, remote sensing control and cloudy big data with manufacturing industry have brought new challenges and opportunities to the development of the sewing machinery industry. Guided by "Made in China 2025" , focusing on the main line of intelligent manufacturing, sewing machinery manufacturers make innovations continuously, striving to achieve high quality development, providing more high value-added products for downstream industries.Therefore, intelligent manufacturing is the theme of sewing machinery that can not be deviated from now on and in the near future.At the same time, this theme is constantly deepening. From the intelligentization of single machine, to the automation of assembly lines, to the provision of whole-factory solutions, the hot spots and characteristics presented on CISMA will definitely make us more confident about the development of the industry.
CISMA's brand image has been optimized again.First of all, as an indispensable exhibition in the industry's first-class professional exhibitions, we continue to strengthen the CISMA brand in design, and the layered road map also reflects that CISMA has nurtured the market for many years;Secondly, intelligent manufacturing is a hot spot for innovation in various industries. However, only clear path planning can guide us to reach the target. The road map also shows that we have scientific planning and clear thinking on the development of the industry, and conveys the confidence of the industry.Thirdly, the clear road map is more scientific and technological.It is the path and trend of the future development of the industry, simple and powerful.
CISMA2019, let us work together to show the smart sewing factory---Technologies and Solutions!

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