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More Discounts - Interpretation of CISMA2021 Favorable Policies

Time:2020-10-23 Browse Volume:115

CISMA2021 has a special meaning in a post-pandemic world, and its registration procedure has been available recently. Compared with the previous shows, this time it becomes the embodiment of expectations from practitioners all over the world, who expect the end of pandemic, the recovery of sewing machinery industry, the rebound of demand, the long-awaited reunion, etc.

CISMA, the wind vane of global sewing machinery industry, has fully demonstrated industrial cohesion. For the purpose of alleviating the exhibitors' burden, guiding them to highlight self-improvement, and concentrating on automation and intelligence innovation, China Sewing Machinery Association (CSMA), the host of CISMA, has always adhered to the principle of "considering the enterprises, and serving the enterprises", and decided to put forward a series of favorable policies besides the original ones in order to go through the difficulties together with the enterprises after taking into account the current and future situations. The degree and coverage of such policies are unprecedented; in addition to the existing discounts, CSMA intends to surrender more than 8 million of its profits to the exhibitors as estimated. It hopes to hold CISMA2021 with more high-techs, better services, and more unities along with the enterprises.

Discount for raw space

For applicants of raw space:

8% off for net booth area between 360 (360 included) and 775 (775 excluded) square meters;

15% off for net booth area of 775 square meters and above.

Discount for members

For CSMA members attending the show (who have already paid membership fees in the past, performed all the related responsibilities, and submitted correct statistic statements in time):

6% off for members;

12% off for entity holding the title of director or above.

A warm note - discount for members is not applicable to the following:

Applicant whose name isn't consistent with that in CSMA membership list;

Member who is the office or distributor in China set up by foreign companies, and doesn't have manufacturing capacity itself;

Entity that starts a group and entity that joins such a group ( see Regulations for Group during 2021 China International Sewing Machinery & Accessories Show for favorable policies).

Registration discount

Those who finish registering for the show before Dec 31st, 2020 and pay the booth fees in designated period can have a further discount of 8% besides the existing preferential policies;

Those who finish registering for the show before Mar 31st, 2021 and pay the booth fees in designated period can have a further discount of 5% besides the existing preferential policies;

Innovation encouragement

In addition to the above-mentioned preferential policies, the host of CISMA2021 will illustrate its main idea as ever through launching a series of activities to encourage the display of intelligent product and system, and fully helping the exhibitors to showcase new and desirable products with independent intellectual property right, high tech level and strong profitability, so as to promote the tech advance and industrial upgrade. Hopefully, 2.5 million RMB discounts will be delivered. The more categories of exhibits you present, the more likely you are to have discounts for larger areas.

Key note

Now, let's move on to the topic you care the most - how to calculate your actual exhibition fees?

The formula is listed as below: actual area × booth price × discount rate of raw space × discount for members × registration discount

* excluding the discount for exhibits of innovation


For a member who finishes registering for the show prior to Dec 31st, 2020 and applies for booth area between 360 and 775 square meters, its actual booth charges will be:

Actual area ×booth price ×(1-8%)×(1-6%)×(1-8%)


For an entity holding the title of director that finishes registering for the show prior to Mar 31st, 2021 and applies for booth area of 775 square meters and above, its actual booth charges will be:

Actual area ×booth price ×(1-15%)×(1-12%)×(1-5%)

Therefore, exhibitors with large booth area, robust innovation capacity and multiple exhibits will benefit significantly. Based on the preferential policies mentioned above and the registration data of previous shows, the host will further surrender more than 8 million of profits as calculated to over a thousand exhibitors besides the original discounts.

CSMA has formulated CISMA2021 favorable policies taking into account the big picture and future development of the whole industry so as to discharge its social responsibilities, protect the exhibitors' benefits and safeguard the growth of leading enterprises.

In recent months, domestic and foreign economies have gradually recovered, the sewing machinery market in China has improved month by month, and that in other countries has also gotten better. It's widely held by the practitioners that the pandemic around the world will take a turn for the better as soon as the vaccine is widely available, and they have a strong faith in CISMA2021 to be held in next September. While preparing and implementing the favorable policies mentioned earlier, the host of CISMA will further strengthen the attraction of investment on a targeted basis, emphasize multi-dimension promotion, and improve on-site services, so as to bring more professional visitors to the show. As for how CISMA2021's morale will be after restructured against the backdrop of an unexpected pandemic, let's wait to see.

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