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Here Comes the New Change of CISMA2021 Exhibition Areas

Time:2020-11-03 Browse Volume:221

New changes of the exhibition areas

The much-anticipated CISMA2021 has started its registration process officially on Oct 9th, and more than 400 enterprises have signed up to date. Compared with previous shows, this time it has brought some new changes to the arrangement of exhibition areas. Since a good many exhibitors have asked how to choose the right exhibition hall during registration, now we are going to explain the related arrangements in detail so as to make it easier for the exhibitors to finish registering for the show.

4 major exhibition areas will be set up during CISMA2021, i.e. W1-W5 Sewing Machine, E1-E3 Sewing Machine & System, E4 Embroidery/Printing Machine, and E5-E7 Functional Components/Accessories. Comparatively, the most significant changes are listed as below:

Firstly, E1, E2 and E3 will be classified as Sewing Machine & System Area. As the development of automatic and intelligent sewing machinery gains momentum, the trans-sector integration of sewing machinery has grown rapidly. Accordingly, the single equipment makes progresses towards being modular and automatically integrated; the barriers between pre-sewing, sewing and finishing have been broken down immediately; the automation of interconnected process even production line has become a reality; and professional visitors' demands for the technologies and solutions of intelligent sewing factory, digital factory, intelligent production line at workshop, intelligent sewing management software, etc. have grown stronger day by day. And such trend is fully demonstrated by the exhibits in previous shows displayed by exhibitors including SGG, JACK, TYPICAL, DAHAO, POWERMAX, and so on. Under this circumstance, CISMA, the only platform around the world capable of entirely showing the intelligent factory scenario, will designate E1-E3 as Sewing Machine & System Area, an extension and reinforcement of Hall W, which focuses on the new technologies and applications throughout the sewing industrial chain.

Secondly, E5, E6 and E7 as Functional Components/Accessories Area; moreover, special equipment for shoe-making will be displayed in E5 as well. Seen from the exhibits in recent shows, non-standard spare parts are no longer the emphasis, the intelligent computer-controlled system makes achievements over time, and the supply-side quality of the sewing machinery's upstream and the exhibits quality have been substantially improved by the inclusion of professional manufacturers of pneumatic components, intelligent sensor, visual identification, robotics, AGV, etc. Therefore, the Host will introduce the Functional Spare Parts and Accessories Area so as to guide and encourage the exhibitors to concentrate on the demand changes of functional spare parts and accessories, demonstrate their overall capacity of innovation in ancillary equipment, quality improvement and practical application of research and development, strengthen the core competitiveness of the supply chain solutions, and perform CISMA's functions of industrial chain coordination.

Thirdly, E4 as Embroidery/Printing Machine Area. Embroidery machine, one of the key categories of sewing machinery, will separately occupy an exhibition area; the Host will adjust such area based on the demands of current exhibitors and related markets. As more and more printing and leather equipment manufacturers join CISMA, such special equipment will also meet the visitors in E4 to further extend the industrial chain of sewing machinery.

It's worthwhile to note that each exhibitor is expected to apply for exhibition hall and area based on actual needs. When allocating the exhibition booth, the Host will make more specific alterations and divisions taking into account the registration situation, exhibitors' needs and exhibition effects.

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