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CISMA Website an One-stop Platform to Match Supply with Demand

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CISMA, an international sewing machinery show with the largest scale and influence and the most complete industrial chain in the world, has been attracting thousands of exhibitors and tens of thousands of visitors all over the world, and has been guiding the growth and progress of the global sewing machinery industry as a weathervane.

Its official website ( is the only channel through which domestic exhibitors can register for the show, and its English version, the only way for foreign exhibitors and visitors to do so. After so many years, it has developed a large base of professional visitors from other countries. It's fair to say that only through its official website the supplies from upstream enterprises can meet with the demands by downstream users. As the expansion of the physical show, the website has rapidly improved its capacity to serve the global industrial chain, and built an "one-stop" platform that fits supplies with demands and truly never lowers its curtain.

As CISMA2021 draws near, the organizer starts the warm-up through its official website, and makes the most viewed "Online Show", "Brands" and the like available to the exhibitors for free for the purpose of delivering value-added services to them, diverting the clients efficiently, and providing visitors from every corner of the world with easy and desirable experience. In the meantime, the organizer will remind the exhibitors through service QQ, message, etc. to upload and publish in time their info about new products and technologies that they intend to display.

So far, hundreds of sewing machinery brands have posted updates on thousands of fine sewing equipment, and data alike keep mounting. Upon such a solid foundation, it only takes a few simple steps like "search sewing equipment by key word", "redirection through link" for visitors to find the exact product information.

At last, a warm reminder from the organizer: please upload your info to the official website as soon as you finish registering for the show; and visitors may as well look through the new products and technologies therein after registration.

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