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The Thing that must be Done before Jan 1st 2021

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Time flies like an arrow, and a new year draws near. Here, we'd like to kindly remind all the practitioners in the sewing machinery industry that there is one more thing to be taken care of before Dec 31, 2020, i.e. to register for CISMA2021 and have access to more favorable policies thereafter.

As the barometer of global sewing machinery industry, China International Sewing Machinery and Accessories Show (abbreviated as CISMA) has always attracted thousands of competent sewing enterprises from every corner of the world. Following the launch of CISMA2021 registration procedures this year, its organizer, China Sewing Machinery Association, has rendered a slew of new favorable measures besides the existing ones, in order to alleviate the adverse influence brought by the pandemic, relieve the burden on enterprises and withstand the challenging difficulties together with them. The first of such new favorable policy, in particular, will expire on Dec 31, 2020.

Those who finish registration before Dec 31, 2020 and pay related booth fee in a designated period will be eligible for a 8% discount of booth fee in addition to the original favorable policies; and a 5% discount for those to do so before March 31, 2021.

Link: More Discounts - Interpretation of CISMA2021 Favorable Policies

Tremendous enthusiasm

Although it's said that this winter will be the coldest one in six decades, the falling temperature cannot dampen the enthusiasm of sewing enterprises around the world for registration. The registration process commences in this October, and nearly 700 enterprises have finished registering for the show till now.

Time waits for no man, and the deadline of Dec 31 will arrive soon. Except the raw space discount, membership discount and innovation reward, the 8% discount applicable to every exhibitor will also expire soon.

It's necessary to remind those who haven't registered yet, those who cannot afford to miss such discount, do register now! Next year, from January 1st 2021 to March 31st, such discount will be reduced to 5%.

Registration tips:

Registration deadline: March 31, 2021

Registration procedure: visit our official website (, then click "Booth Apply"

Registration validation: the registration will take effect as soon as the submitted documents are reviewed and registration fee paid accordingly.

Please feel free to contact CISMA official service QQ account 800111540 in case of any registration problem.

CISMA2021, brimming with expectations from sewing practitioners all over the world in a post-pandemic world. Together with all of you, we'd like to present a Show characterized by more tech and unity!

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