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Registration for CISMA2021 will begin in October. Please pay attention to WeChat CISMAshow for the latest information.

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CISMA Registers in Int'l Platforms

Time:2021-02-23 Browse Volume:140

As the deadline for the registration of CISMA2021, the most influential event in sewing machinery industrial chain held every the other year, draws near, not only the exhibitors feel a tinge of urgency of attendance preparation, but also tens of thousands of end-users and distributors all over the world look forward to it.

For the purpose of better playing its role of the most professional and influential expo in the globe, vividly providing immersive experiences to professional visitors and enterprises, and demonstrating its positioning of "a show in sewing machinery industrial chain with the largest coverage globally" in an era of uncertainties rendered by the ravaging pandemic, the organizer of CISMA has formally introduced itself to transnational media platforms through registering in Facebook (爱缝制(cisma)) and Twitter (CISMA@CISMA37373591).

Having had its Facebook and Twitter accounts, CISMA will regularly report on the latest development of the show, and interact with followers virtually; provide professional and tailored services related to specific category, new main stream product and applications, and so on. Visitors and enterprises from areas including textile and apparel, pandemic prevention supplies, shoe, hat & bag, leather and down feather, furniture & home textile, automotive supplies, aerospace can follow us in the said platforms to learn the latest information, and understand the industrial trending in a real-time manner.

Moreover, CISMA will launch a live stream of the show when held, making allowance for visitors who cannot make it to the physical show.

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