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A 30% Growth in Sewing Machineries Patent Application in 2020

Time:2021-03-09 Browse Volume:179

According to China National Intellectual Property Administration, the sewing machinery industry has applied for 7,326 pieces of patents of all kinds in 2020 (till the announcement date, the same below), increasing 29.77% on a year-on-year basis; of all these applications, patent for invention makes up 25.39% (1,860 pieces), novel practical patent 60.66% (4,444 pieces), and patent for appearance design 13.95% (1,022 pieces including those related to textile machineries); in general, 518 pieces of patents for invention have been newly granted.

During the 13rd five-year plan, the sewing machinery industry has overall applied 25,835 pieces of patents, 60.95% higher than that during the 12nd five-year plan. In particular, there are 7,777 pieces of patents for invention, growing 82%. Enterprises have invested more than 4% of their sales into research and development, and some leading companies even have applied over a hundred pieces of patents in a single year. They've made noticeable achievements in terms of intellectual property, significantly improved their strength in innovation, and mastered dozens of core technologies having a broad influence on the enhancement of competitiveness across the sector, all of which have given an momentum to the grand blueprint of the 14th five-year plan.

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