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A Wide Range of Tailored Promotion Options at Your Service

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As it enters March, a month characterized by Spring breeze, CISMA2021 has initiated its countdown of registration expiration, with all the preparation works underway in an orderly fashion. Till now, more than 1,000 exhibitors have finished registering, and net exhibition area of over 100,000 square meters have been applied, both of which have realized positive growth compared with last time. Hence, it's more than needless to stress its influence and the attention it draws as the largest professional expo of sewing machineries around the world, and the barometer and wind vane of sewing industry globally.

Choosing CISMA, exhibitors definitely want to fulfill their utmost purpose of promoting their brands to the most extent, interacting and matching with demands, and bringing values through the grandest, most advanced and professional exhibition platform as such. Given that, the organizer has devised a broad variety of brand promotion programs relying on its online and offline platforms and channels, providing the exhibitors with more benefits.


CSMA and CISMA WeChat accounts, held by the organizer, have attracted a large group of followers, mainly medium and senior management across the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain; they've also garnered much attention abroad, especially from loyal customers of downstream industries, which makes these platforms the optimal choices for overseas followers to learn about the brands, products and techs.


The official website of CSMA (, a major online platform for industrial notice, and announcement of key events; that of CISMA (, an online exhibition platform, dubbed as the "everlasting CISMA".


China Sewing Machinery, the only authoritative journal published by China Sewing Machinery Association, has been widely recognized by the industry and many other walks of life for more than 20 years since its foundation, and has established a reputation among its readers.

Buyer's Guide

The only carrier summarizing all the authenticated information about the show; it completely demonstrates the details of the exhibitors, brands, novel techs and products.

Visit Guide

An ideal and portable index used during visit, widely distributed, very influential.


The paper of the physical show's development, serving as the bridge between the exhibitors and the visitors, and the most efficient way of exchanging information between the former and the latter.

Tailored Services

Including tickets, hand bag and badge holder.

On-site Promotion

To provide the exhibitors with all-embracing promotion options, the organizer has made available on-site promotion space of all kinds.


Custom-made promotion video, including live streaming, recording.

 Tailored Value-added Promotion

The exhibitors can carry out a series of thematic events with the help of CSMA resources; they can, in particular, sponsor specific conference held by the organizer through title sponsorship. During key events like CISMA, we can render individualized value-added services based on enterprises' need, for example, the overall planning and organization of product launch event, forum, and other thematic activities.

The preliminary activities are carried out at a fast pace, and each custom-made service will be readily launched. Time and tide wait for no man, so does the promotion opportunity. Please feel free to contact us if you have any concern: 010-87732229, 010-65211282. We will always be here for you.

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