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Pandemic related Updates on CISMA2021

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As a new wave of pandemic has burst out in Southeast Asia and spread to neighboring countries, the pandemic control situation is subject to more uncertainties globally, and the economic activities have been further impeded. As a result, every sector has been adversely affected more or less. Against such a backdrop, sources from China Sewing Machinery Association (CSMA), the organizer of CISMA2021, have answered the questions closely followed throughout the industrial chain including whether the show will be held as planned, how will the new round of pandemic affect exhibitors and visitors, how to improve the show's coverage of foreign visitors with novel media.

Q. Will CISMA2021 be held as originally planned facing a new wave of pandemic?

A. The new wave of pandemic has exacerbated the volatile situation around the world. As the organizer, CSMA will, on one hand, undertake all the related work as slated; on the other hand, it will pay close attention to the latest policies formulated by the Central Government and Shanghai Government, and respond to the newest guidelines and requirements and make preparations accordingly. So far, all the works in the run-up to the show have been carrying out in an orderly manner.

Ever since the beginning of CISMA2021 event, CSMA secretariat has performed a large amount of tasks, and conducted the program step by step. In particular, the arrangement of raw space will come to an end in June, and then the arrangement of standard booth will commence in July. As shown by data, the number of applicant has exceeded 1,200 with a net area of 100,000 square meters applied, which has surpassed that of last time. More exhibitors are waiting for vacant exhibition space. Besides, the organizer is bustling about preparing for supporting activities, and selections of excellent new products, outstanding overseas distributors, popular brands, etc. are rolled out one after another.

Furthermore, CSMA has presented brand-new favorable policies for CISMA2021, in which case, exhibitors can enjoy a discount worth of 8 million approximately. Based on the existing discount of membership and exhibition space, exhibitors can have access to a further 5% or 8% discount according to their registration period. Till the registration deadline, 75% of the applicants are eligible for the 8% discount, and the rest the 5% discount. It's safe to say that most of the exhibitors will enjoy the highest discount.

In the meantime, judging from every prerequisite, the objective circumstance and regulations for CISMA2021 are favorable. Exhibitors and visitors have harbored unprecedented enthusiasm for the show.

First of all, Ministry of Commerce has issued documents pertaining to large scale activities, and local governments have also announced their guidelines. All these applicable regulations and policies have paved the way for exhibition activities against the backdrop of pandemic. As a mechanical industry closely linked to clothing, one of the basic necessities, the sewing machinery sector has reopened in a quick and efficient manner, and realized growth against all the odds, which has laid a solid foundation for the progress of the exhibition program. Besides, preliminary research also reveals that most of the exhibitors hold an optimistic attitude to the future market, and demand for exhibition space maintains a level equal to, if not surpasses, that of last time.

Secondly, China is the most important sewing machinery manufacturer and consumer around the world. After entering into the A-list of global sewing powers, China's sewing enterprises have made remarkable achievements in technological innovation, performance enhancement, application upgrade and aspects alike through continuous input and seizing opportunities during the pandemic crisis, all of which will definitely provide more impetus for the digital transformation and upgrade of down-stream users. Therefore, the whole industry chain is in a desperate need of an authoritative platform to interface supply with demand and learn new technologies and applications. In addition, the cancellation or postponement of similar international exhibitions has heightened exhibitors and visitors' anticipation for CISMA2021 to an unparalleled extent.

Q: Will CISMA2021 be vulnerable to any changes regarding exhibiting and visiting due to the pandemic? How to guarantee an easy attendance?

A: Although domestic exhibitors have been registered for the show with unparalleled enthusiasm, the uncertainty of global pandemic situation and the differences in related regulations from country to country have foreboded hindrances to some overseas exhibitors more or less. Judging from the registration statistics, most of the exhibitors at home have signed up for the show as actively as they did before, some enterprises still wait to see how the situation will develop having difficulty in making their minds indeed, and a few enterprises in foreign trading even cancel their exhibition plan. Nevertheless, the number of such enterprises is negligible. At present, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and German exhibitor groups are preparing for the show as usual. We also fully understand the situations the absent exhibitors are faced with.

To present the exhibition in an orderly fashion, the organizer will make holistic adjustments taking into account the objective development needs of CISMA. Besides the conventional sections of pre-sewing, sewing, post-sewing, embroidery, electro-controlled system, and spare parts, CISMA2021 will launch a new exhibition section for systems of all kinds, and a novel display arena closely matching with digital coordination of down-stream users, intelligent manufacturing, unmanned production line, etc, In the meanwhile, the organizer will improve catalogue and guidance related measures, so that the clients can easily find the booth they want to visit whenever they want and wherever they are.

It's worthwhile to note that the attendance at CISMA2021 will have a huge difference from past ones for both exhibitors and visitors. Anyone entering into the exhibition hall shall prepare themselves in advance: first, "green code" of travelling history check with real-name registration as a prerequisite, and those who come from medium and high-risk region shall hold negative result of nucleic acid test; then, take temperature before entry, and size limit will be enforced in case of attendants quantity at the hall exceeding the required one.

If there is any change of applicable policies in near future, the organizer will update such requirements and response details accordingly through our official channels. Please follow us closely.

Q: Can visitors from abroad attend the show in person? For optimal display effect, how to extend CISMA's coverage over global industrial chain?

A: It's the greatest concern to exhibitors whether overseas visitors can attend the show, and it's also one of the most important items this time. Affected by the pandemic, visitors from some countries and regions cannot be present for sure. In response, the organizer will take the following count-measures taking into consideration the practices applied by other exhibitions:

First of all, we have been building "CISMA Online" based on the official website, endeavoring to deliver an "ever-lasting" CISMA. The organizer keeps refining the details, and improving the presentation manner of exhibitors, brands and content including searching method, to enhance users' experiences. Currently, CISMA Online has been open to registered exhibitors without charge, so they can create their own exhibition space online, display their brand images and products through pictures, words, and even videos. It can also be linked to their official websites, to re-direct traffic to their own sites. At the same time, the organizer has made use of multiple means to attract more visits to CISMA Online. Actually, the page view of online exhibition hall has skyrocketed compared with last year. Moreover, the organizer has tried to introduce some brands, hit products to international customers, which is a huge success. As a matter of fact, product promotion video and webpage in English can draw more attention from foreign clients. It's advisable for exhibitors to put emphasis on timely update regarding this aspect.

Secondly, Canton Fair and China International Import Expo have both explored ways of online exhibition through bringing in third-party live-streaming platforms against the backdrop of pandemic. Similarly, CISMA is actively looking for trustworthy partners to put in place a platform for real-time interaction. As an avalanche of live-streaming applications with proven technologies are available in China, and a lot of exhibitors already have their own live-streaming accounts, it's relatively easy to interface these platforms with exhibitors' accounts. The efforts to establish a live-streaming platform specific to foreign audience are in the pipeline. Although difficulties including time difference, verification of sign up through mobile phone, information route, online experience are to be solved, the host of CISMA2021 will do whatever it can to find the most suitable live-streaming application, so as to interact with audiences at home and abroad, extend invitation to international visitors beforehand, and communicate with foreign clients on Internet.

It's worthy of noting that the recently held professional expos in light industry and expos for practitioners throughout sewing industrial chain have seen more rather than less visitors, and achieved better results noticeably. The current industrial situation - return of down-stream clients, stable and controlled development environment in China - has significantly strengthened the growth potential and coverage of domestic market. Hence, the organizer will spare no effort to invite more and more professional visitors nationwide, and particularly attract more medium and large down-stream enterprises while prospecting for then taking advantage of new technology and application to interface with foreign followers, and expand the coverage of markets abroad.

CISMA, the most influential sewing machinery expo with the largest coverage around the world, has always sought to serve enterprises throughout global industrial chain. Its role as a multifunctional platform has been bolstered time after time as a wide variety of sectors follow and participate in the show. But we should also bear in mind that exhibitors are truly the protagonists of the expo while CISMA only serves as the arena. The organizer hereby wants to remind the exhibitors to prepare precaution plans according to regulations and rules set by the government and the organizer in the context of pandemic, and make related decisions based on your development situations, product features, and market forecast.

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