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Services for CISMA2021 Carried out Smoothly

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CISMA2021 has been relocated to Ningbo, which is a completely new venue for the exhibitors and the organizer. To ensure services qualities, the organizer has decided to retain the partners developed when holding the exhibition in Shanghai.

Beijing Pico, the major services provider at the venue, is responsible for reviewing all the drawings based on exhibition areas and design newly submitted by the exhibitors, coordinating the leasing of facilities like water, electricity, air, network, furniture, etc, and rendering customized booth construction services. Since the review will expire in the end of this March, exhibitors having applied for raw space are supposed to hand in all the related documents for approval in a timely manner.

Schenker, the major logistics service provider, is in charge of the transport, mobilization, and removal of the exhibits. Considering that Ningbo International Conference and Exhibition Center is located near the downtown, the neighboring roads might be congested during the move-in and move-out period. The entrances and exits for exhibits of each hall face designated directions. Therefore, it's advisable for the exhibitors to communicate with Schenker in advance, so as to guarantee a smooth move-in and move-out of the exhibits.

Beijing EastFair will assist the organizer with exhibitors registration, and check-in of exhibitors and visitors. In the context of pandemic control, no matter exhibitors or visitors are required to process ID verification before entering the exhibition halls. We suggest that exhibitors and visitors should submit necessary information beforehand to save time while attending the show.

The organizer has been updating the exhibitors manual according to the virtual and physical features of Ningbo International Conference and Exhibition Center, and is finalizing the details thereof. The exhibitors manual will be delivered as soon as reasonably practical after the Spring Festival. The exhibitors should applied for each service as per the manual, and please contact the exhibition center of CSMA in case of any question:

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