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Imp-Exp Briefing of Sewing Machinery Sector from Jan to Apr 2022

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In April 2022, demand for China’s sewing machinery has grown continuously as textiles and clothing consumption in developed countries like Europe and the United States continues to go up, overseas demand for sewing equipment restocking rise, and apparel and shoe-making industries in key markets such as ASEAN and South Asia rebound. However, it is worth noting that, affected by factors including frequent outbreak of Covid-19 cases, ongoing conflicts between Russia and Ukraine, escalation of global inflation and shipping disruption, demand in Europe, Africa and North America has declined significantly. Consequentially, the growth rate of China's sewing machinery exports have slowed down compared with the first quarter.

In summary and by product

According to data released by the Customs, from January to April, China’s accumulative export value of sewing machinery is 1089mn US dollars, increasing 13.48% compared with a year earlier, but 3.96% lower than that in the end of Q1. Particularly, the export quantity of industrial sewing machines is 1.69 million sets, and its export value is 602mn US dollars, an increase of 12.35% and 32.05% respectively compared with a year earlier.

Sewing machinery exports from January to April 2022

(Unit: set, kg, USD, %)


China’s monthly export value of sewing machinery


In April, China's export of sewing machinery is 277mn US dollars, 3.61% higher compared with a year earlier but 0.33% lower compared with the previous month. Particularly, the export volume of industrial sewing machines is 420,000 sets, falling 3.04% on a YoY basis, its export value is 156mn US dollars, increasing 18.00% on a YoY basis, and its export volume and value increases 1.27% and 0.27% respectively compared with a month earlier. At the same time, with the relaxation of overseas pandemic control measures, the economic effects of "stay-at-home" have dropped sharply. Thus, China's export volume and value of household sewing machine continue to decline.

Export of sewing machinery in April 2022

(Unit: set, kg, USD, %)

Export destinations

In the first four months of 2022, China's exports to Asia and South America have increased compared with a year earlier, while exports to Europe, Africa, North America, and Oceania have declined. By regions, China's exports to the "Belt and Road" markets reach 742mn US dollars, increasing 24.22% on a YoY basis, accounting for 68.12% of the industry's aggregate exports, 5.89% more than compared with the same period last year; exports to the RECP markets 322mn US dollars, an YoY increase of 24.36%, accounting for 35.07% of the industry's aggregate export, 3.07 more compared with the same period a year earlier; exports to ASEAN countries 322mn US dollars, 34.67% higher than the same period last year, and exports to South Asia 243mn US dollars, increasing 24.01% over the same period last year; exports to West Asia 102mn US dollars, a YoY increase of 61.77%; exports to EU 60mn US dollars, a YoY decrease of 16.56%; exports to East Asia 56mn US dollars, falling 12.1% on a YoY basis, and exports to Central Asia 25mn US dollars, 2.39% higher than a year earlier.

China’s export of sewing machinery to different continents in the first four months


China’s major export destinations of sewing machinery in the first four months


By countries, in the first four months of 2022, Vietnam and India are still China’s top two export markets of sewing equipment. China's exports to Vietnam are 140mn US dollars, increasing 13.32% on a YoY basis, accounting for 12.82% of the sector’s overall exports; to India 121mn US dollars, an YoY increase of 18.89%, accounting for 11.09% of the overall exports; Bangladesh is China's third largest export market, in the first four months, China has exported to Bangladesh sewing products worth 56.82mn US dollars, a YoY increase of 49.19%, accounting for 5.22% of the overall exports. In addition, in the given period, China's exports to Pakistan, Singapore, Indonesia, Cambodia, UAE, Malaysia and other markets have increased significantly, while that to the United States, Japan, Brazil, and Russia have sank.

China’s major export destinations of sewing machinery in the first four months


In April, China's exports of sewing machinery to Vietnam amount to 43.46 million US dollars, 5.44% higher than a year earlier and 13.68% higher than a month earlier; export values of sewing machinery to major markets such as India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Turkey, and UAE have increased compared with the same period a year earlier, and that to UAE, Cambodia, Myanmar, Argentina, Iran and other markets have doubled. Particularly, the high YoY growth rate of export to Myanmar can be attributed to its political turmoils over the same period last year. Affected by Russia-Ukraine conflicts, exports to these two countries and some other European countries have free-fallen in April, in details, exports to Russia 2.24 million US dollars, down 59.29%, and exports to Ukraine have fallen to 13,000 US dollars, down 99.15%; exports to Uzbekistan falling 45.69%; exports to Kazakhstan tanking 91.44%; exports to Germany, Poland, the United Kingdom, and Holland decreasing 33.00%, 27.47%, 46.12%, and 60.77% respectively.

China’s major export destinations of sewing machinery this April


Growth rates of China’s export of sewing machinery to major destinations this April


Import situations

According to the latest data from the Customs, China’s accumulative import value of sewing machinery in the first four months is 340 million US dollars, a YoY decrease of 0.54%. The import volume of industrial sewing machines is 15,000 sets (falling 12.20%), worth of 36.08 million US dollars (dipping 3.38%); household sewing machines 32,000 sets, a YoY increase of 6.51%, and its import value 2.35 million US dollars, a YoY decrease of 14.30%; pre- and post-sewing machinery 5,618 pieces, a YoY decrease of 39.95%, worth of 276 million US dollars, a YoY increase of 3.69%.

In April, China’s import value of sewing machinery is 80.63 million US dollars, a YoY decrease of 19.91% and a month-on-month decrease of 17.94%. The import volume of industrial sewing machines is 3,634 sets dropping 32.40%, worth of 8.38 million US dollars falling 22.17%, and compared with the previous month its import volume and value decrease 25.15% and 24.53% respectively.

China’s monthly import values of sewing machinery


(Source: China Customs)

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