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CISMA2021 Closed of Late with 22,000 Visitors in Total

Time:2022-08-29 Browse Volume:542

On the afternoon of August 1, 2022, the very day of PLA's 95th anniversary, CISMA2021, the grandest event in the sewing machinery industrial chain in the world has drawn its curtain at Ningbo Int'l Conference and Exhibition Center with a satisfactory ending.

Lasting three days and a half (July 29 to August 1), CISMA2021 has attracted 22,304 visitors, 58,498 man-times in total to experience intelligent sewing scenarios and the spectacular integration of technology with sewing processes after the last one ended nearly three years ago. During CISMA2021, practitioners of sewing machinery in China together with their foreign counterparts have withstood the impact of Covid-19, and presented the world with a fantastic exhibition buttressed by their wisdoms and countless efforts. The show, furthermore, demonstrates the sector's innovation-driven achievements, the commitment of global sewing industry to digital and intelligent transformation, as well as the resolution of China's sewing machinery sector to overcome any difficulties and its confidence in practicing high-quality development.

The success of CISMA2021 has significantly restored the faith in the sector while it's faced with new hindrance. Extracting energy from intelligent sewing, CISMA2021 has attracted a large number of professional visitors, concentrated on the changing demands of down-stream sectors like apparel-making, home textiles, and leather. It has resuscitated upstream and downstream industrial chains, and contributed a lot to reviving market expectation and infusing vitality into the sector for the coming six months and even a longer time.

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12 294

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28 276

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12 294

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22 304


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22 652

8 830

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