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Registration for CISMA2021 will begin in October. Please pay attention to WeChat CISMAshow for the latest information.

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Better Hurry up to Sign up for CISMA2023 before It’s too Late

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Ding~ you got an important message, please check.

Only 30 days left before the registration for CISMA2023 comes to an end. As estimated by the organizer, so far almost a thousand exhibitors have submitted applications, and the applied stall space nearly reaches to the maximum exhibition area. CISMA2023, as the most dedicated and influential world-class trade fair in the sewing machinery sector in a post-pandemic era, has drawn extensive attentions from companies throughout the industrial chains. Lots of overseas visitors have contacted the organizer expressing their desire to visit the event and inquiring about invitation letter and related issues. It’s expected that CISMA will once more present a splendid fair for global industrial chains of sewing machinery in 2023.

Have you already completed registration for the fair?

If not, better process it as soon as possible. While arranging booths, the organizer will take into account applicants’ registration sequence, so don’t hesitate for too long or miss registration deadline, otherwise it might torpedo your original plan. By the way, a warm note to you, the organizer has made available a package of favorable policies. You can enjoy a 5% discount of your booth fee as long as you finish registration and clear the advance payment before March 31, and transfer the balance of booth fee within the period notified by the organizer. In the meantime, you can also enjoy large-size booth discount, membership discount, innovation rewards, etc., which are truly desirable offers.

Better hurry up, come and join us at CISMA2023.

How to sign up:

Visit our website, click ‘booth apply’ at top left corner, finish online registration.

Taking effect:

First of all, please finish online registration, then transfer your advance payment after the organizer has confirmed your registration. Those having chosen to defer their CISMA2021 application to 2023 have to handle online registration as well.

Brochure download:

Click the attached link to have access to CISMA2023 exhibitor manual.

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