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Important Notice: Registration for CISMA2023 Ending on March 31

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Only a score of days left before the registration for CISMA2023 comes to an end on March 31. More than 1,000 exhibitors have already submitted their applications so far. Here, a warm note from the organizer, please hurry to complete your registration before the upcoming deadline.

Key information: those who finish registration before March 31, 2023 and clear specific payment within stated periods will be eligible for a further 5% discount besides the existing discount may already enjoyed. Or otherwise, discounts will be out of reach, booth arrangement and attendance might be adversely affected to some extent.

Venue: Shanghai New Int’l Expo Center

Dates: September 25 to 28, 2023

Deadline: March 31, 2023

As the bellwether of global sewing machinery sector, China Int’l Sewing Machinery and Accessories (CISMA) show has always attracted a thousand-strong sewing equipment companies from all over the world in the past two decades. According to the organizer, ever since it’s launched on November 15 last year, CISMA2023, as the largest sewing equipment fair in a post-pandemic era globally, has drawn much attention, and applications have surged especially after the government issued new pandemic-control measures. Latest data show that 1,006 exhibitors have confirmed their attendance as of March 10, and the exhibition space having been applied adds up to 100,000 square meters, both of which deliver positive growth compared with the same period last time.

Besides the discount tied to registration, the organizer has also made available the following preferential policies:

1.      Discount for raw space

An 8% discount for raw space larger than 360sqm (360 included) but smaller than 775sqm (775 excluded);

A 15% discount for raw space larger than 775sqm (775 included).

2.      Discount for membership

Applicable to members of China Sewing Machinery Association that have paid their membership dues in 2022 and 2023, performed relevant duties and submitted statistics in a timely and accurate manner.

A 6% discount for members; a 12% discount for director-level members;

Entities in the following cases will not be qualified for such discounts: the member’s name is inconsistent with that in the booth application sheet, or the exhibitor having submitted application serves as a local office or sales team for foreign entities and is incapable of manufacturing on its own, or those who have already joined an exhibition group.

3.      Discount for exhibition group

Please refer to the Management Measures of Exhibition Groups in China Int’l Sewing Machinery and Accessories show 2023 for regulations and preferential policies for exhibition groups.

The deadline is upcoming, those who haven’t registered and don’t want to miss the discounts better hurry up.

How to register

Visit our website, click booth apply at top left corner, complete the process as instructed by the webpage, or contact

Taking effect

Your registration will take effect as long as your application is verified and your payment is made within stated period.

First online registration, then material review, then timely payment.

Those who have deferred their booths to 2023 from 2021 have to register all over again.


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