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CISMA2023 On-site Publicity Services Available for Reservation

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China Int’l Sewing Machinery and Accessories (CISMA) show 2023 will take place this September 25 to 28 at Shanghai New Int’l Expo Center. All the relevant preparations are being made in an orderly manner. So far, more than 1,000 exhibitors have submitted their applications, and visitors throughout the global industrial chain have sent their inquiries, which both reveal the attentions to the event paid by upstream and downstream sectors around the world and their enthusiasm for it after a three-year pandemic.

To better meet the exhibitors’ need for publicity and facilitate their exhibition to the greatest extent possibly, the organizer has recently inventoried all the on-site publicity resources and made them available for reservation.

The publicity options include printed materials like catalogue, directory, visit guidance, exhibition newspaper, bill boards and banners at the plaza, entrance, corridor, inner plaza, ad space on electric shuttles and at the stops, and online promotion on CISMA website and WeChat account. Through mobilizing its virtual, physical and on-site resources, and by means of video, picture and text, the organizer is committed itself to enhancing your exposure to the visitors. Besides, we can also provide custom-built promotion services like facial tissue box, face mask, disinfection kit, etc. We will try our best to deliver whatever promotion services you need.

Due to the widely known reasons, some exhibitors in 2021 have decided to defer their publicity reservations to CISMA2023, so there are less vacant ad spaces left. And a good many exhibitors have already queued to apply for the billboards at the north and south plaza.

Here, we’d like to deliver a warm note to the exhibitors. Please look through the pamphlet and try to book promotion services as early as reasonably possible. The organizer will, in a fair and transparent manner, allocate the publicity resources taking into account reservation sequence, payment transferred or not. In the meantime, those who have deferred your publicity reservations from 2021 are expected to confirm your deferral lest you have other ideas about publicity.

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