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Here Come the Adjustments Made to CISMA2023 Exhibition Areas

Time:2023-04-27 Browse Volume:374

Date: September 25 to 28, 2023

Venue: Shanghai New Int’l Expo Center

Theme: Intelligent sewing tech and digitalization solutions

Exhibition space: 138,000sqm


Since it’s launched last year, CISMA2023 has attracted 1,100 more exhibitors so far. Based on the current situations and exhibits categories, the organizer has made adjustments to CISMA2023 exhibition areas. Given that many exhibitors inquired how to choose the right exhibition hall while registering, now your editor will describe in detail the layout of exhibition areas.


It’s the first CISMA event in a post-pandemic era, especially after the issuance of new pandemic-control policies. CISMA2023, occupying 12 halls with a total exhibition space of 138,000 square meters, tops all the sewing equipment trade fairs all over the world. It’s categorized into four divisions, i.e. sewing machines sector (hall W1-W5), supporting equipment (hall E1-E4), printing and embroidery sector (hall E5), parts and accessories (hall E6-E7).


Compared with earlier events, the most noticeable change to CISMA2023 exhibition areas is setting hall E1 to E4 as supporting equipment sector. As sewing machinery transitions into automation and intelligence rapidly, it has sped up its multi-disciplinary forays. As a result, the barriers between pre-sewing, sewing and post-sewing processes have been broken down, application scenarios have been kept expanding, and the demands for intelligent sewing technologies and solutions have become increasingly stronger. According to sources from China Sewing Machinery Association (CSMA), sewing machine, pre- and post-sewing equipment are the most dynamic sub-sectors when it comes to potential exhibits, the spaces having been applied in these sectors have exceeded the capacity of such halls by 50%. Hence, the organization committee of CISMA2023 has decided to expand the originally planned supporting equipment sector from hall E1-E3 to hall E1-E4, which will serve as the extension of W halls, and extensively showcase the latest technological achievements and application scenarios throughout global industrial chains.


How to choose your hall

Hall W1 to W5: sewing machines, including common and special industrial sewing machine, household sewing machine, automatic sewing unit, automatic sewing production line, industrial sewing equipment for leather product, bag-closing, etc.


Hall E1 to E4: supporting equipment, including pre-shrinking and fusing equipment, cloth spreading and cutting equipment, laser carving equipment, ironing and finishing device, software and accessories, logistics management device and system.


Hall E5: embroidery and printing machine, as one of the key categories of sewing machines, embroidery occupies a dedicated hall as always.


Hall E6 to E7: parts and accessories, including components, CNC and drive system, fabrics, accessories, etc.


How to register

Sign up/log in on our official website, click ‘booth apply’, then finish online registration. And your registration will take effect as soon as your print-out file is verified and your down payment is settled.


When to arrange booth

All the booth locations have to be determined after registration comes to an end. The first batch of booth locations will be confirmed in late April, location of standard booth will be determined in June and July as expected. The organizer will contact you for confirmation as soon as your location is arranged provisionally.


What else you need to know

Exhibitors shall apply for space based on actual needs. The organizer will, taking into consideration the overall registration situations, exhibitors’ requests and exhibition effects, locate and adjust booths. For details, please write to, or call 86-10-65242231.


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