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Speech Delivered at CISMA2023 Opening Ceremony By Yang Xiaojing

Time:2023-10-17 Browse Volume:256

Dear friends,

It’s a blessing to reap what you sow this Autumn. Today, respectable guests from every sector intertwined with sewing machinery have gathered at Shanghai, to witness the grand opening of CISMA2023. On behalf of the organizer China Sewing Machinery Association, I would like to express our gratitude to all the present friends and guests for your support all the time. And a heartfelt thank-you to all the fellows who have devoted themselves to the development of the sewing machinery sector.

With a total space of 140,000sqm, CISMA2023 has attracted nearly 1,400 exhibitors from all over the world. Providing a platform of product exhibition, information and technology exchanges, business cooperation and industrial interaction, it will present an unprecedented feat to more than 60,000-strong visitors from more than 100 countries and regions.

CISMA2023, a trade fair characterized by openness. It’s a dedicated international sewing machinery trade show with far-reaching influences held when the once-in-a-century pandemic comes to an end and China reaches a key milestone in its modernization journey. As the lighthouse of global sewing machinery sector, CISMA2023 will play to the greatest extent its role of revitalizing global sewing machinery industry, consolidating faiths and speeding up the recovery. It will also demonstrate the resolution and confidence of China’s sewing machinery companies in braving the waves and taking on difficulties.

CISMA2023, a trade fair abound with achievements. Tasked with transforming the latest R&D achievements into the productivity of down-stream industries, CISMA will extensively showcase the latest intelligent sewing technologies and digital solutions developed in recent years, display the latest progresses of industrialization in a new era and the achievements of reinforcing the industry with intelligence, quality and digitalization, and perform the sewing machinery sector’s duties in meeting people’s growing demand for a better life. Here at CISMA, you will have an immersive experience of the sector’s honed techniques, refined quality, impressive innovation and creative services.

CISMA2023, a trade fair renowned for win-win. CISMA, a profound global platform integrating the sector with the world, will convey to the world its resolution to build a community of industrial chain development and share the opportunities ignited by intelligent transition. Embarking on the journey of creating a new growth landscape, CISMA will provide exemplary application scenarios for users from textiles and apparel, leather and suitcase, home interior, automobile and aerospace. With the belief of reaching consensus, sharing, win-win and guiding the growth path, it will prove their promising prospects and stimulate the transformation.

Greeting visitors from all over the world, and seeking for common good. We sincerely thank friends from every walk of life for participating in CISMA, jointly creating business opportunities, promoting the upgrade of the whole industrial chain, and drawing the blueprint of a brighter future.

Last but not least, wish CISMA2023 a great success!

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