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CISMA Releases New LOGO to Unleash New Potential of the Exhibition

Time:2023-10-25 Browse Volume:322

On September 25, at the opening ceremony of CISMA2023, the organizer officially announced the launch of a new version of the LOGO to interpret the exhibition development strategy and culture with a more technological and three-dimensional brand image. The release of the new LOGO means that the exhibition has ushered in a new brand image and entered a new stage of development.

The new CISMA LOGO design mainly includes:

First, smart service/innovation empowerment

The M letter is designed like an infinity symbol, highlighting the continuous expansion of the sewing machinery industry and upstream and downstream related industrial chains led by digital intelligence.

Second, collaborative services/assisted development

The symmetrical and equivalent structural form highlights the characteristics of collaborative services and demonstrates the core concepts of industry information exchange, demand docking, technical discussion, and thinking collision.

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