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Registration for CISMA2021 will begin in October. Please pay attention to WeChat CISMAshow for the latest information.

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The much-anticipated CISMA2021 has started its registration process officially on Oct 9th, and more than 400 enterprises have signed up to date... More Details
As domestic economy steadily recovers and demands in global markets gradually rebound, the sewing machinery industry in China has reopened rapidly, and its export has been significantly improved... More Details
CISMA2021 has a special meaning in a post-pandemic world, and its registration procedure has been available recently... More Details
More than 300 enterprises have registered for the much-anticipated CISMA2021 Show within merely 10 days after it's officially launched on Oct 9th, which proves... More Details
As a grand event that showcases all the achievements made in sewing machinery area, it is bound to bring inspirations to global sewing machinery industry... More Details
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The much-anticipated live-streaming will start in July