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Registration for CISMA2021 will begin in October. Please pay attention to WeChat CISMAshow for the latest information.

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Exhibition Express
As February comes to an end, CISMA2021, the wind vane of global sewing machinery industry and an event that draws attention... More Details
The organizer of CISMA has formally introduced itself to transnational media platforms through signing up... More Details
In Nov, the recovery of the sewing machinery industry in China has been further strengthened, in which case, the export has grown for 4 months on end... More Details
The heavy blow dealt by the pandemic and the systematic pressure produced by de-globalization in 2021 have made it inevitable to hinge on dual-circulation... More Details
Although the pandemic resurges recently, the sewing machinery industry has secured a reliable positive growth on the whole, the exhibitors have never halted their preparations... More Details
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The much-anticipated live-streaming will start in July